Regain and Maintain Tree Health

Trees suffering from a severe illness will require treatment to regain and maintain their health.

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Trees suffering from a severe illness will require treatment to regain and maintain their health.

Texas experienced some of the most bizarre weather patterns. Trophy Club Texas is no stranger in having a sickly tree. The February weather pattern in Texas is very cold with temperatures dropping to the 30s. The temperature can soar to as high as 80 degrees at the same time. This can place a lot on the spring’s recovery.

This can affect the opening time of the flowers within the system as well the Foliage mechanism in the tree’s genetics.

This was a very common condition among 2018 Shumard-red oaks. Although it is not a serious disease, this condition can result in dieback and tree deformities. Trophy Club Savanna Post oak trees were also affected.

Trophy Club Tree Service & Stump Grinding recommends a minimum of twice a year for your trees to be inspected. Tree evaluations cost nothing and can ensure that your trees are healthy for many years. Trophy Club Texas tree health is not always good. This is the beginning to disease. It also provides an opportunity for Texas pests and insects to invade the tree’s vascular system, and lay larvae. Trophy Club Trees should be treated in order to prevent the spreading of disease.

Our recommendations for tree care are straightforward! Trees should be treated in late autumn or early winter each or every second year. For both trees and shrubs deep root fertilization, which is safe and easy to do, is safe. Our primary focus is on these two areas:

  1. The tree’s overall strength.
  2. Combating insects during the spring season

Many Texas property managers and homeowners have found the perfect solution with our fertilizer/pest control system combination.

Trophy Club Texas tree illness and unhealthy trees are not always preventable. These tips can be helpful. Our clients are well-informed about how trees can be cared for and what they need. Knowledge is power. It turns out, one thing you didn’t know could prove to be the most harmful for your Trophy Club TX Trees.

Three (3) steps is what we tell clients:

  • Proper tree watering
  • Proper tree planting
  • Tree Insect Prevention

Proper tree watering

Trees under five years old will require plenty of water. You should give your tree plenty of water in its early years to promote healthy growth. Many nurseries will offer water bags that can be easily attached to the root flare of your tree. A young tree may need between 20 and 100 gallons per day depending on the environment and season.

Proper tree planting

Trees like people need to be nourished. Most often, the soil supplies all the nutrients that the trees require. Natural forest trees don’t require any maintenance from homeowners or property managers. Urban trees may need additional attention and assistance. Deep root fertilization Trophy Club Texas, is an excellent way for trees to stay healthy and vigorous, especially in their early years.

Tree Insect Prevention

Each year, hundreds of thousands are killed by tree insects across Texas. Trophy Club is the main target of most cases. The homeowner’s lack of education is what will and can make a huge difference. One simple deep root injection can keep your trees healthy, and help prevent tree diseases from happening on the property. Our insecticides are extremely effective at eliminating insects from trees. Sometimes you don’t have to give it every season. A milder, half-dose injection can be used to maintain annual tree vaccinations. We do not want the larva’s cambium to be destroyed. This is what our tree insecticide aims to achieve.

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