Phytophthora Disease

Trophy Club TX Phytophthora Disease

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Trophy Club TX Phytophthora Disease

Phytophthora also known as root-rot or stem rot is a complicated fungal disease that attacks trees worldwide. Experienced tree companies often encounter this danger. Trophy Club trees that have been infected by this disease show early leaf shedding as well brown and yellow leaves. They also wilt and can even die. This resistant fungus survives in dry soil for extended periods. However, the disease-carrying fungal spores multiply rapidly and thrive best in moist, cool weather.

Standing water is a contributor to the spread of Phytophthora. In addition, soil that has been irrigated often is infected. Trophy Club had a variety in weather, which contributed to the rapid development of the disease. Arborists are well-acquainted about the numerous signs and indicators.

Diagnosis and treatment of Phytophthora

It is difficult and time-consuming to determine if Phytophthora is a disease. The visible and underground parts of a tree must be examined and tested by an experienced plant pathologist. Visible signs include cankers growing on the trunk. This causes slimy, wet skin and a brownish interior. Additional signs of the disease include mites and insects. Trophy Club trees may not be able to show symptoms until the summer months. If the tree doesn’t have enough strong and functioning roots, the tree could become wilted and then fall apart within a week. If you believe your tree might have Phytophthora diseases, it is crucial to contact a qualified arborist and an experienced tree company.

A Proper Treatment for Phytophthora

Trophy Club -certified Arborists are the best people to help combat phytophthora. They can prevent it from ever happening! This potentially deadly fungal disease is very difficult to fight once it’s established. Therefore, you need to make sure that your soil has adequate drainage to support the growth of essential feeder roots. You must take care to protect your tree from injuries and wounds. You can help prevent phytophthora by using fungicides or sulfur-based fertilizers. Trophy Club Tree Service & Stump Grinding offers a customized preventative maintenance and care program to help ensure that your trees and plants are not affected by this horrible disease.

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