Oak Wilt Diagnosis and Treatment

Oak Wilt diagnosis and treatment

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Oak Wilt Trophy Club TX is something our company has been doing for over twenty years

Oak Wilt Trophy Club TX is something our company has been doing for over twenty years

Oak Wilt, an invasive tree disease, is very common

Oak Wilt could be a deadly vascular tree disease! Each year, hundreds upon hundreds of hectares are cleared of oak trees.

This tree disease causes only a very small number of trees to survive. Oak Wilt every year kills hundreds of Red and Red Oak trees. Oak Wilt tree illness is eventually going to cause their death.

Trophy Club Oak Wilt fungal infestation can be treated.

If you look at the leaves of a tree, you can see how healthy they are. You can see the leaves of a tree to determine if someone is sick. A tree’s leaves are the best indicator of its health.

Live Oak trees have oval-shaped green leaves. Their veins extend from side to side. They almost resemble the shape and size of a leaf. A healthy live oak leaf should be free from any discoloration.

This is something to be aware of when inspecting your Live Oak. Live Oaks are not likely to shed before the winter ends. You’ll see the Live Oak leaves turning brown and falling off the tree. Live Oaks can look sick now that they are all in their autumn.

It is quite normal. Live Oaks may shed multiple branches at once. This is also quite common, so it’s not a cause for alarm.

Watch out for the leaf turning yellowy brown around the center. This can happen between May-December. This could indicate that the tree may have the disease. An arborist will be able to examine the tree and run lab tests.

This could indicate Oak Wilt disease. A vascular system disorder that is almost always fatal. Alamo Fungicide blue, liquefied chemical treatments will help. Oak Wilt is the final stage.

Oaks with live roots have a tendency for them to intertangle with other oaks. Oak Wilt can prove fatal if all Oak Wilt trees is affected. First, determine the cause and then treat it.

Oak Wilt On Live Oaks (OWOL) is a disease that causes oaks’ death in as little as 1-6months.

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Oak Wilt Trees as well as Red Oaks Trees

The following will show you how contamination of Red Oaks can differ from Live Oaks.

Oak Wilt is a serious danger to red oaks. Oak Wilt can also be transmitted by land contamination. It is possible for them to transmit to another tree by contacting a host. It has been proved that fungal spores made from red oaks attract all sorts of insects. This is the picture of the sap-feeding insects, the nitidulid bugs.

If it spreads to other trees, this can lead to the tree becoming infected. Winter is the best season to prune trees. The tree will dry out and seal its cut areas before it turns to spring or summer.

Oak Wilt can also travel through man. The Oak Wilt-contaminated timber is removed and placed in areas where other red Oaks are present. Before you begin to chop wood, you should inspect it thoroughly before you move it.

Oak Wilt: What to Do About It?

Trophy Club Tree Service & Stump Grinding (Texas) has been using this same protocol since 2000 to remove oak Wilt. You can also get trunk injections.

  • Tebuconazole in Mauget
  • Propizol Propiconazole – arborjet
  • Propiconazole – Alamo

Alamo Propiconazole (“Alamo Propiconazole”) is our first choice in treating Oak Wilt. Remember that Oak Wilt prevention can be as important as treatment. Oak Wilt Fungus must be stopped by removing infected roots. It is better not to take down dead trees during winter as the fungus may be more resistant. Oak Wilt wood must also be removed.

Save sick trees at all seasons

Best Oak Wilt Treatment Trophy Club TX

Trophy Club Tree Service & Stump Grinding can be trusted to provide quality tree services that have been providing service in Tarrant County, Texas, and DFW for many generations. We offer a FREE Oak Wilt Tree Analysis.

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