Fire Blight Treatment of Ornamental Trees

Trophy Club TX: Fire Blight Treatment of Ornamental Trees

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Trophy Club TX: Fire Blight Treatment of Ornamental Trees

Trophy Club residents have stunning ornamental pear and apple trees that are a beautiful addition to their yards. Redspire is a popular variety, as are Trinity and Autumn Blaze. It is important you consult an arborist as well as a certified plant pathologist who is an expert in fire blight.

Fire blight occurs when bacteria can easily be spread from insects to rain. The bacteria can thrive in damaged branches and trunks, or cankers. The milky substance produced by fire-blight bacteria is formed in the early spring from tree damage. This secretion attracts pests and infects the young twigs, leaves, and branches. The infected leaves begin to curl and turn black, eventually becoming hooked and hairy. The leaves will eventually shrivel and develop dark brown spots and black spots. A dark, deep wound surrounds the diseased tree, and eventually, it dies.

Diagnosis of ornamental fire blight

Do not delay in getting help if your Trophy Club tree is showing signs and symptoms. The disease spreads quickly and is particularly severe in trees with cankers open and bark damage. This occurs as soon as the first flowers appear. If the tree isn’t properly diagnosed and treated, it may die. There is no way to eliminate fire blight from trees. Trophy Club is a good place to start. They will consult with a certified Arborist, who can officially diagnose the tree. Trophy Club tree specialists will be able to help you to design a treatment or maintenance plan that will ensure that your tree thrives.

Trophy Club, TX: Fire Blight Treatment

Trophy Club arborists will help you to stop the spread f fire-blight bacteria on your pear tree. A tree specialist will not only treat trees that show obvious symptoms from previous seasons but will also devise a plan to protect high valued trees located near infected plants. The specialist may recommend pruning maintenance with disinfected shears. The specialist might suggest trimming infected branches during winter and pruning at least twelve feet beyond visible damage during spring. Combining pruning maintenance with chemical therapy may be recommended. Trophy Club Tree Service & Stump Grinder can provide a one-year guarantee for all chemical treatments. A majestic, blooming pear tree is a centerpiece of your outdoor landscape and requires professional attention.

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