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Brown Rot Fungus Treatment Trophy Club TX for Fruit Trees

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What causes Brown Rot Disease

Brown Rot is the most prevalent disease in stone fruit trees of the United States. This disease is common in Trophy Club. It affects fruit trees with a central pit, including nectarines, cherries, plums, or plums. Brown Rot Disease is caused in part by an aggressive mold. This fungus can be found in dried fruits that have been left on the trees or on the ground.

The brown rot is first seen on flowers in spring as the blossoms open their buds. It is a disease that grows throughout the life of a flower. The fungus spreads quickly from the flowers to the stems of fruit trees, causing open wounds. It can eventually cause death or new stem growth. Trophy Club tree service professionals and tree companies have extensive knowledge about brown rot fungal illnesses. This disease thrives at any temperature. If you don’t treat brown rot, the disease will spread to all stone fruit plants in your outdoor space.

Brown Rot Tree Disease

Avoid brown rot fungal diseases by choosing disease-resistant varieties for stone fruit trees. Trophy Club, TX offers many resistant varieties such as cherries, plums, or nectarines. These can be purchased through an experienced tree company. Trophy Club-certified arborists can be reached. They will confirm that you have brown rot. The disease can be confirmed by brown spots appearing on mature, fully developed fruits. A plant pathologist may also be able to perform diagnostic tests of dried-up fruits in order to confirm the presence or absence of conidia. Conidia are caused by various fungal species. If brown rot appears to be affecting your Trophy Club fruit tree, you should contact an arborist.

Trophy Club TX: Treatment of Brown Rot Disease

A qualified arborist can design a plan for your unique circumstances. Trophy Club experts are highly recommended since the fungus can also be spread by insects. The best way to eliminate the fungal infection is to cut down old fruit and plant them in newer areas. Remove all brown rot-infected branches, stems, and leaves. Deep root fertilization is a great way to reduce the amount accumulated on blossoms. It will increase the tree’s resistance to water. Trophy Club arborists recommend the best chemical treatments. This includes sprays as well as powders and sealants. A treatment plan will be established and maintained. Any recommended treatment is covered by a one-year warranty. If you leave the tree in the capable hands of a tree care professional, you can preserve your investment and enjoy the fruit for many years.

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